Lalaland aims to bridge the gap between technology and fashion, and challenges businesses and consumers to reimagine fashion imagery. Our combined backgrounds in advanced technology, international fashion, and online marketing enable us to question, deconstruct and modernize established workflows. Lalaland combines high quality dynamic images in a simple and scalable process, perfectly suited for the new world of online fashion

Achieve Size Inclusivity and Diversity.

Diversity and size inclusivity has become a CEO-level issue for fashion brands and retailers from a reputational standpoint.  Brands have suffered significant reputational damage from perceived failures to be inclusive.

Showing more relevant images drives higher shopper engagement, in turn improving propensity to convert. This is – particularly true for  size-inclusive images. However, many brands still persist with shooting product-page garment images using small models, while in the USA, 68% of women wear size 14 or above. This ensures most shoppers are unable to relate personally to the images typically displayed.

Lalaland’s large, diverse library of size-inclusive models, both male and female, enables the easy production of near-limitless size-inclusive product page garment images, bringing you both commercial and brand benefits


“Everything you can imagine is real”

 Pablo Picasso

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