one size fits all.
diversity. inclusion. body-positivity.

Select the AI-generated fashion models that fit best with your target market and dress them in your brand’s latest collection. Make your site a place where everyone wants to shop.

Achieve higher conversions

Faster than traditional photography

Cost reduction on traditional photoshoots

Reduction in return rates

AI fashion model
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Make Your Customers Happy

Inclusivity which leads to profitability.

Use Lalaland to visualize your fashion collections on a diverse population of digital humans. Replace avatars with human-like digital models to improve the quality of your images.

Select different skin complexions, body sizes & shapes, identities, hairstyles and poses hundreds of options and combinations available
Easier decision-making during the design and production processes.

AI fashion model

on-model imagery

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Get your high resolution on-model images.


Configure Models

Customize on skin complexions, body sizes & shapes, identities, hairstyles and poses from hundreds of options.


Upload Garments

Upload images of your product SKUs in bulk. Choose from digitally designed garments or a product packshot.


Dress Models

Based on your selection of models, and the garments (SKUs) uploaded, dress the model to make looks/styles in different sets.


Receive Images

The end-to-end retail automation process is complete! You will receive your high res on-model images within 72hours


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